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A BRIEF history of the mainstone club 

As Mainstone estate expanded, two of the residents Anne Henderson and Lynne Crewe spoke about starting a day nursery but no premises were available,

on 22nd September 1975

A meeting was held and the first committee was formed, THE MAINSTONE PLAY GROUP + COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION.


CHAIR - Anne Henderson

VICE CHAIR - Lynne Crewe

SECRETARY - Mrs S Vogwell

TREASURER - Carol Torr, now a trustee

committee members P Moore, M Howard, M Miller, M Davies, L Mundy, C Le Grice

The derelict Mainstone farm was suggested. A builder Mr Backaller was involved, the land was cleared, and a access road from Pattinson drive was created.

Let the fund raising begin... Consisting of raffles, jumble sales, BBQs, coffee mornings, donations from various businesses. The first year, 216 a purchase of a wooden hut was put into place, the building was badly vandalised and was disposed of in a sale for 50.


Another building was purchased from Dulwich hospital, for the sum of 3250. Volunteers from the community laid the concrete and eventually the building was erected.

A Social club was established and was opened on Friday through to Sunday


The building was in need of replacement so fund raising and loans were required


The new building is complete and inaugurated by David Jamison MP


Construction on the extension, some monies was given as a national lottery grant

we are now harvesting the seeds that were planted at Mainstone farm 24 years ago.


Current Directors:

Tom Jones - President.

Maggie Fuge - Managing Director.

Dave Bees - Director.

Carol Torr - Company secretary.


Current Community Association Committee:

Don Keating - Treasurer.

Rick Billingham - Membership Secretary.

Geoff Isaacs - NHW Representative.

Lin Keating - Committee Member.

Carol Torr - Committee Member.

Brenda Truscott - Committee Member.


Current Sports & Social Committee.

Mark Lowe - Chairman.

Don Keating - Treasurer.

Rick Billingham- Membership Secretary.

Nina Hyndman - Entertainment Secretary.

Carol Torr - Committee Member.

Chris Wasley - Committee Member.

Alan Hamling - Committee Member.

The club is still going strong with different functions, and regular entertainment. The community association is still going strong with regular events such as bingo and monthly markets + barn dances etc.